Egli Honda EH10-C " Red Baron "Frame-Kit 1

The kit includes:

Frame Egli Honda CBX, raw
Engine head bracket raw
Swingarm EH9C112JK nickel plated
Swingarm bearing mounted
Swingarm bearing tube Ø14
Swingarm slide and end piece
Rear wheel axle
Motor plates lh-rh, patterned
Engine bolts and spacer
Battery box lh-rh
Rear brake mounting plate
Rear suspension Bielstein, spring Ø12.5
Ignition coil holder
Confirmation of year of manufacture 2014

  • Egli Honda
  • Modell: EH10-C
  • Bj: 2014
  • ccm: without engine
  • Price: CHF 10’350.00

more original parts upon request