Egli Laverda Frame Kit 1

The kit includes:

Frame raw
Steering head bearing
Swingarm raw
Swingarm slider and end piece
Engine plate raw
Engine bolt and spacer
Rear suspension
Confirmation of year of manufacture 2012

  • Egli Laverda
  • Modell: for 2-cylinder 750cc engines
  • Bj: 2012
  • CCM: without engine
  • Price: CHF 9’750.00

additional options:

  • Frame and Swingarm nickel plating incl. pre-and post-processing CHF 3’731.00
  • Campagnolo wheels set 3.25×16“ – 4.0×16“ used, to be restored CHF 1’00.00
  • Egli fork Ø 38mm used, to be restored CHF  2’100.00

more original parts upon request