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Egli Motorradtechnik AG in Liquidation

Hauptstrasse 14

CH-5618 Bettwil

As from December 1st 2023 the company in Bettwil remains closed.

German custumers continue to be served by EGLI Niemann


for Germany

EGLI Niemann

Michael Niemann

Obere Mühle 28

D-58644 Iserlohn

T: +49 (0)2371 25292

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Egli Motorradtechnik AG, Bettwil (CHE-107.109.325)

General and scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) shall be deemed to be an inherent part of any contract concluded between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Purchaser”) and Egli Motorradtechnik AG, CHE-107.109.325, Hauptstrasse 14, 5618 Bettwil (hereinafter referred to as “EMT AG”), which shall become legally effective upon acceptance of the order submitted by the Purchaser. The purchaser has expressly accepted the GTC with his order. An order placed by e-mail or by telephone shall also be deemed to be an acceptance of these GTC. The GTC apply exclusively and for an indefinite period of time, as long as they are not modified by express written agreement. They shall also apply if EMT AG carries out the work or delivery without reservation in the knowledge of conflicting or deviating terms and conditions. Other terms and conditions shall not become part of the contract, even if EMT AG does not expressly object to them. Other terms and conditions shall only be valid if they have been expressly accepted by EMT AG in writing.
The version of the GTC valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract shall apply. Until otherwise agreed in writing, these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the entire business transactions of the parties, even if no further express reference is made to them when an individual order is placed within the framework of an existing business relationship. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or contain a loophole, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provision, a provision that comes closest in economic terms to the provision intended by the parties shall be deemed to have been validly agreed from the outset. The same shall apply in the event of a loophole.

Prices and payment

Our quoted prices are in CHF, strictly net, exclusive of currently valid value added tax and plus shipping costs (in particular packaging, postage, delivery and/or customs costs). Price quotations on price lists and brochures are not binding. We reserve the right to adjust prices at any time.
If the customer wishes a binding price quotation for vehicles, accessories and workshop work, a written cost estimate expressly designated as binding is required, provided that this cost estimate is higher than CHF 1000. We shall be bound by this cost estimate, subject to any written agreement to the contrary, until the expiry of 14 weekdays following its preparation. The services rendered in order to provide a cost estimate can be invoiced to the customer.
Payment shall be made in cash or by Post/Maestro card, unless other payment terms are agreed in writing. We are entitled to demand a reasonable advance payment when placing the order. For vehicles, an advance payment of 15% of the net purchase price generally applies, unless leasing or other financing exists. The advance payment is forfeited in case of a possible withdrawal from the contract by the customer, which is not the fault of EMT AG, as a contractual penalty in favor of EMT AG. EMT AG expressly reserves the right to claim further damages.
In case of a voluntary return of correctly delivered products, 10% of the expenses will be charged to the customer.

Place of performance and delivery conditions

The domicile of EMT AG shall be the place of performance for all deliveries in kind, money and services as well as deliveries of EMT AG. Benefit and risk shall pass to the customer at the latest upon dispatch of the delivery ex works (domicile of EMT AG). Subject to a prior written agreement, the delivery shall be made for the account and at the risk of the Customer. The corresponding time expenditure will be invoiced at the current hourly rate of EMT AG. For longer journeys a lump sum can also be agreed. Insurance of services and deliveries against loss and damage is the responsibility of the Customer.
Deliveries of vehicles, accessories and clothing are made at the current versions at the time of conclusion of the contract. The selection of products and the compatibility of individual components are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Packing and shipping

Packaging is carried out with all due care. Packaging will be invoiced with the transport costs. Complaints must be made no later than 8 days after receipt of the products, otherwise the delivery shall be deemed to have been fulfilled in full.

Delivery periods

Our delivery deadlines are based on the respective availability of the vehicles and products. EMT AG makes every effort to deliver the vehicles and products on the dates specified in the order confirmation. The delivery period shall be deemed to have been met if the notification of readiness for dispatch has been sent by the time it expires.
The delivery period shall be extended appropriately if, in particular, EMT AG does not receive the information required for the performance of the contract in due time, or if the Customer subsequently changes such information and thus causes a delay in the deliveries or services;
obstacles occur which EMT AG cannot avert despite exercising due diligence, irrespective of whether they occur at EMT AG, at the Customer or at a third party (such as war, significant operational disruptions, accidents, labor disputes, official measures, pandemics and/or natural events);
and/or the Purchaser is in default of its contractual obligations, in particular if it fails to comply with the terms of payment.
If such a case occurs, the Customer may not waive the delivery, may not withdraw from the contract, and may not claim damages. EMT AG shall inform the Customer about the delay, if possible, at the latest on the day of the scheduled delivery.
The assertion of any claims resulting from a delay in delivery is excluded as far as legally possible. Any damage caused by delay shall in any case be limited to the value of the delivery. Any consequential damage caused by delay, costs for covering purchases, loss of profit as well as any damage resulting from interruption of operations shall be expressly excluded. Withdrawal from the contract by the purchaser as a result of delayed delivery is excluded.
The refusal of the Customer to accept the delivery shall cause the purchase price to become due immediately, irrespective of the handover of the products to the Customer. In this case EMT AG is entitled to give preference to other orders of third parties. Furthermore, it is not obliged to deposit the products.

Terms of payment

Subject to a prior written agreement, the purchase price shall be due for payment within 30 days of the invoice date. Payments are to be made without deduction of discounts and the like. The offsetting of any counterclaims is excluded. Payments shall be made irrespective of any possible objection to the delivery or alleged counterclaim. Retention of payment is not permitted. EMT AG is entitled to refuse the removal of possible defects as long as the customer has not fulfilled his obligation to pay. The purchase price shall also be due for payment if the Customer is in default of acceptance.
The receipt of payment by EMT AG is decisive for the timeliness of payments. In case of noncompliance with the payment deadline, the Customer shall be in default without any further reminder on the part of EMT AG. In case of default of payment an interest on arrears p.a. in the amount of 5% of the invoice amount is due from the date of maturity. EMT AG may charge a handling fee of CHF 20.00 per reminder. In case of unsuccessful reminder the claim can be assigned to third parties by EMT AG.
If the Customer is in default of payment, all claims of EMT AG against the Customer shall become due immediately. Failure to comply with the terms of payment shall entitle EMT AG to withdraw from the contract and to claim damages. EMT AG shall also be entitled to withdraw from the contract and to claim the goods from the Customer if the goods have passed into the possession of the Customer before payment of the purchase price. The Customer shall have no right of retention.
If the Customer is in default of payment or (at the discretion of EMT AG) in liquidity difficulties, EMT AG shall be entitled to demand advance payment for further deliveries or to deliver orders already received only against advance payment, even if other payment and delivery conditions were agreed upon conclusion of the contract. If the Customer withdraws from the contract, EMT AG shall be entitled to invoice the full amount of the expenses already incurred.

Retention of title

The delivered products remain the exclusive property of EMT AG until they have been paid for in full. The ownership of EMT AG does not cease with regard to products processed or resold by the customer. The Customer shall insure the products adequately and maintain them at his own expense until they have been paid for in full. Furthermore, the Customer shall take all measures to ensure that the title of EMT AG is neither impaired nor cancelled. Until the transfer of ownership the Customer shall handle the object of purchase with care and shall neither sell nor pledge it nor leave it at the disposal of third parties.
The Customer is obliged to cooperate in measures which are necessary to protect the property of EMT AG. Upon conclusion of the contract, the Customer shall in particular grant EMT AG his consent to the entry of a possible reservation of title in the reservation of title register.

Material defects and warranty

All warranty claims of the customer require a timely and formally valid notice of defects (in particular for workshop work, for the purchase of new vehicles, for the purchase of used vehicles as well as for the purchase of further products, spare parts as well as clothing). All deliveries must be inspected in detail for material and functional suitability within 3 days of receipt. Notification of defects must be made in writing. If no corresponding complaint is made within the complaint period, the deliveries shall be deemed to be free of defects and approved. After the complaint has been made, EMT AG shall in any case have the right, at its discretion, to make a replacement or subsequent delivery ex works (EXW, Incoterms 2020) within a reasonable period of time, to accept the reduced value of the delivery or to subsequently remedy the defects in the product. Unless otherwise agreed, the defective goods shall be delivered to us in their original packaging. All other claims of the purchaser, such as in particular rescission, reduction, replacement by third parties, damages, consequential damages, withdrawal, etc. are excluded.
A warranty period of two years applies to the purchase of new vehicles.
A warranty period of one year applies to the purchase of used vehicles.
Always excluded from the warranty are defects that are not demonstrably due to poor materials, faulty design or poor workmanship (e.g. due to natural wear and tear, inadequate maintenance, excessive use or incorrect handling). In particular, the warranty shall be excluded in full for modifications to the product by the Customer which have not been approved in advance in writing by EMT AG. If the products are forwarded by the Customer to third parties directly and without prior inspection, the products shall be deemed to have been delivered by EMT AG in conformity with the contract and free of defects.

Other liability

The liability of EMT AG is excluded to the extent permitted by law. In particular, EMT AG shall in no event be liable for slight negligence, indirect and consequential damages, damages not caused to the product itself, loss of profit, other pecuniary losses of the Customer, damages resulting from the operation of a vehicle or other products, compensation for claims of third parties (e.g. contractual penalty), unrealized savings and/or any acts and omissions of EMT AG’s auxiliary persons. The technical advice and recommendations of EMT AG are based on a reasonable examination and are made outside any contractual obligation. As far as the liability of EMT AG is excluded, this also applies to the personal liability of its employees.

Further provisions

The parties shall first try to settle any differences amicably among themselves. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the registered office of EMT AG. The legal relationship shall be governed exclusively by Swiss substantive law to the exclusion of the provisions of international private law and to the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention CISG.

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Impressum & Privacy Policy

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The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on the website belong exclusively to Egli Motorradtechnik AG or the specifically named owners. The written consent of the copyright holders must be obtained in advance for the reproduction of any elements.


Privacy notice
(according to the guidelines of the EU Data Protection Regulation)

This data protection declaration explains to you the type, scope and purpose of the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as “data”) within our online offer and the associated websites, functions and contents as well as external online presences, e.g. our social media profile. (hereinafter jointly referred to as “online offer”). With regard to the terms used, such as “personal data” or their “processing”, we refer to the definitions in Art. 4 of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO


Egli Motorradtechnik AG
Hauptstrasse 14
CH-5618 Bettwil
contact person: Jan Engel
T: +41 (0)56 667 23 60


Types of data processed
Inventory data (e.g., names, addresses).
Contact details (e.g., e-mail, telephone numbers).
Content data (e.g., text input, photographs, videos).
Usage data (e.g., visited websites, interest in content, access times).
Meta/communication data (e.g., device information, IP addresses).

Persons affected
Visitors and users of the online offer

Purpose of processing
Provision of the online offer, its contents and functions.
Answer contact requests and communicate with users.
Marketing, advertising, range measurement
Security measures.

Terms used
“Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter referred to as “data subject”); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by assignment to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier (e.g. cookie) or to one or more special features that express the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.
“processing” means any operation carried out with or without the aid of automated procedures or any such series of operations in connection with personal data. The term goes a long way and covers practically every handling of data.
Responsible” means the natural or legal person, authority, institution or other body that alone or together with others decides on the purposes and means of processing personal data.

Applicable legal bases
In accordance with Art. 13 DSGVO, we inform you of the legal basis of our data processing. If the legal basis is not mentioned in the data protection declaration, the following applies: The legal basis for obtaining consents is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a and Art. 7 DSGVO, the legal basis for processing for the performance of our services and performance of contractual measures as well as for answering inquiries is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO, the legal basis for processing to fulfil our legal obligations is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c DSGVO, and the legal basis for processing to protect our legitimate interests is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO. In the event that the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person require the processing of personal data, Article 6(1)(d) DSGVO serves as the legal basis.

Cooperation with contract processors and third parties
If we disclose data to other persons and companies (contract processors or third parties) within the scope of our processing, transmit it to them or otherwise grant them access to the data, this shall only take place on the basis of a legal permission (e.g. if a transmission of the data to third parties, such as payment service providers, in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b DSGVO for contract fulfilment is necessary), if you have consented, if a legal obligation provides for this or on the basis of our legitimate interests (e.g. when using agents, web hosts, etc.).
If we commission third parties with the processing of data on the basis of a so-called “order processing contract”, this is done on the basis of Art. 28 DSGVO.

Transfers to third countries
If we process data in a third country (i.e. outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA)) or if this occurs in the context of the use of third-party services or disclosure or transfer of data to third parties, this only takes place if it occurs for the fulfilment of our (pre)contractual obligations, on the basis of your consent, on the basis of a legal obligation or on the basis of our legitimate interests. Subject to legal or contractual permissions, we process or leave the data in a third country only if the special requirements of Art. 44 ff. Process DSGVO. This means, for example, processing is carried out on the basis of special guarantees, such as the officially recognised determination of a data protection level corresponding to the EU (e.g. for the USA by the “Privacy Shield”) or compliance with officially recognised special contractual obligations (so-called “standard contractual clauses”).

Rights of data subjects
You have the right to request confirmation as to whether the data concerned are being processed and to request information about these data as well as further information and a copy of the data in accordance with Art. 15 DSGVO.
They have correspondingly. In accordance with Article 16 of the DSBER, you have the right to request the completion of data concerning you or the correction of inaccurate data concerning you.
In accordance with Art. 17 DSGVO, you have the right to demand that relevant data be deleted immediately or, alternatively, to demand a restriction on the processing of the data in accordance with Art. 18 DSGVO.
You have the right to request that the data concerning you that you have provided to us be received in accordance with Art. 20 DSGVO and to request its transmission to other persons responsible.
In accordance with Art. 77 DSGVO, they also have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.
right of revocation
You have the right to revoke consents granted pursuant to Art. 7 para. 3 DSGVO with effect for the future.
right of objection
You can object to the future processing of the data concerning you in accordance with Art. 21 DSGVO at any time. The objection may be lodged in particular against processing for direct marketing purposes.

Cookies and right of objection in direct advertising
We use temporary and permanent cookies, i.e. small files that are stored on the user’s devices (explanation of the term and function, see last section of this data protection declaration). In part, cookies serve security purposes or are required for the operation of our online offer (e.g., for the presentation of the website) or to save the user’s decision when confirming the cookie banner. In addition, we or our technology partners use cookies to measure reach and for marketing purposes, about which the users will be informed in the course of the data protection declaration.
A general objection to the use of cookies used for online marketing purposes can be declared for many of the services, especially in the case of tracking, via the US site or the EU site Furthermore, the storage of cookies can be achieved by deactivating them in the browser settings. Please note that in this case not all functions of this online offer can be used.

Deletion of data
The data processed by us will be deleted or their processing restricted in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 DSGVO. Unless expressly stated in this data protection declaration, the data stored by us will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required for its intended purpose and the deletion does not conflict with any statutory storage obligations. If the data are not deleted because they are necessary for other and legally permissible purposes, their processing is restricted. This means that the data is blocked and not processed for other purposes. This applies, for example, to data that must be retained for commercial or tax reasons.
The legal requirements for Switzerland apply.

The hosting services we use serve to provide the following services: Infrastructure and platform services, computing capacity, storage space and database services, security services and technical maintenance services that we use for the purpose of operating this online offering.
We or our hosting provider process inventory data, contact data, content data, contract data, usage data, meta- and communication data of customers, interested parties and visitors of this online offer on the basis of our legitimate interests in an efficient and secure provision of this online offer according to Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f DSGVO in conjunction with. Art. 28 DSGVO (conclusion of order processing contract).

Collection of access data and log files
We, or our hosting provider, collect the following data on the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO data on each access to the server on which this service is located (so-called server log files). Access data includes the name of the accessed website, file, date and time of access, transferred data volume, notification of successful access, browser type and version, the user’s operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited page), IP address and the requesting provider.
Log file information is stored for a maximum of 7 days for security reasons (e.g. to investigate misuse or fraud) and then deleted. Data whose further storage is required for evidentiary purposes are excluded from deletion until the respective incident has been finally clarified.

When contacting us (via contact form or e-mail), the user’s details are processed for processing the contact enquiry and its handling in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b) DSGVO.
User information can be stored in our Customer Relationship Management System (“CRM System”) or comparable request organization.

With the following information we inform you about the contents of our newsletter as well as the registration, dispatch and statistical evaluation procedure and your rights of objection. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the receipt and the described procedures.

Contents of the newsletter
We will only send newsletters, e-mails and other electronic notifications containing advertising information (hereinafter “newsletters”) with the consent of the recipients or a legal permission. Insofar as the contents of a newsletter are specifically rewritten within the scope of registration, they are decisive for the consent of the user. In addition, our newsletters contain information about our company, offers and promotions, events and the latest news from classic racing.

Double opt-in and logging
The registration for our newsletter takes place in a so-called double opt-in procedure. This means that after registration you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. This confirmation is necessary so that no one can log in with other e-mail addresses.
Subscriptions to the newsletter are logged in order to be able to prove the registration process in accordance with legal requirements. This includes the storage of the time of registration and confirmation as well as the IP address. Also the changes of your data stored with MailChimp are logged.

Use of the “MailChimp” shipping service
The newsletter is sent via “MailChimp”, a newsletter distribution platform of the US provider Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.
The e-mail addresses of our newsletter recipients as well as their further data described in the context of these notes are stored on the servers of MailChimp in the USA. MailChimp uses this information for sending and evaluating the newsletter on our behalf. Furthermore, MailChimp can use this data according to its own information to optimize or improve its own services, for example to technically optimize the sending and presentation of newsletters or for economic purposes to determine from which countries the recipients come. However, MailChimp does not use the data of our newsletter recipients to write them down or pass them on to third parties.
We trust in the reliability and IT and data security of MailChimp. MailChimp is certified under the US-EU data protection agreement “Privacy Shield” and thus commits itself to comply with EU data protection regulations. Furthermore, we have concluded a data processing agreement with MailChimp. This is a contract in which MailChimp undertakes to protect the data of our users, to process them on our behalf in accordance with their data protection regulations and in particular not to pass them on to third parties. The data protection regulations of MailChimp can be viewed here.

registration details
To subscribe to the newsletter, simply enter your e-mail address.
Optionally, we ask you to enter your first and last name. These details are only used to personalize the newsletter. We also ask you to optionally indicate your date of birth, gender and industry. We only use this information to adapt the contents of the news letter to the interests of our readers.

Statistical surveys and analyses
The newsletters contain a so-called “web-beacon”, i.e. a pixel-sized file that is retrieved from the MailChimp server when the newsletter is opened. Within the scope of this retrieval, technical information such as information about the browser and your system as well as your IP address and time of retrieval are initially collected. This information is used to technically improve the services on the basis of the technical data or the target groups and their reading behaviour on the basis of the retrieval locations (which can be determined by means of the IP address) or the access times.
The statistical surveys also include determining whether the newsletters are opened, when they are opened and which links are clicked. For technical reasons, this information can be assigned to the individual newsletter recipients. However, it is neither our endeavour nor that of MailChimp to observe individual users. The evaluations serve us rather to recognize the reading habits of our users and to adapt our contents to them or to send different contents according to the interests of our users.

Online access and data management
There are cases in which we send the newsletter recipients to the websites
of MailChimp. For example, our newsletters contain a link with which the newsletter recipients can call up the newsletters online (for example, in the event of display problems in the e-mail program). Furthermore, newsletter recipients can subsequently correct their data, such as their e-mail address. Likewise, the privacy policy of MailChimp is only available on their site.
In this context we pointed out that on the websites of MailChimp cookies are used and thus personal data are processed by MailChimp, its partners and service providers (for example Google Analytics). We have no influence on this data collection. Further information can be found in the data protection declaration of MailChimp. We would also like to draw your attention to the possibilities of objecting to the collection of data for advertising purposes on the websites and (for the European area).

You can cancel the receipt of our newsletter at any time, i.e. revoke your consent. You will find a link to cancel the newsletter at the end of each newsletter. After the cancellation your data will be deleted down to the e-mail address. The e-mail address is stored in a blocking list and is only used to ensure that we do not send any further e-mails to your e-mail address.

Online presence in social media
We maintain online presences within social networks and platforms in order to communicate with active customers, interested parties and users and to inform them about our services. When accessing the respective networks and platforms, the terms and conditions and the data processing guidelines of their respective operators apply.
Unless otherwise stated in our privacy policy, we will process the data of users who communicate with us within social networks and platforms, e.g. write articles on our websites or send us messages.

Integration of third-party services and content
Within our online offer, we make no representations or warranties of any kind based on our legitimate interests (i.e. interest in the analysis, optimisation and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) content or service offerings of third parties to incorporate their content and services, such as videos or fonts (hereinafter uniformly referred to as “content”). This always presupposes that the third party providers of this content perceive the IP address of the users, since without the IP address they could not send the content to their browser. The IP address is therefore required for the display of this content. We make every effort to use only those contents whose respective providers use the IP address only for the delivery of the contents. Third-party providers may also use so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also known as “web beacons”) for statistical or marketing purposes. Pixel tags” can be used to evaluate information such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website. The pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the user’s device and may include technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, visiting time and other information about the use of our online offer, as well as may be linked to such information from other sources.
The following presentation provides an overview of third-party providers and their contents, together with links to their data protection declarations, which contain further information on the processing of data and, in some cases already mentioned here, possibilities of objection (so-called opt-out):

Functions of the Google+ service are integrated within our online offer. These features are provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. If you are logged into your Google+ – account you can link the contents of our pages with your Google+ – profile by clicking the Google+ – button. This allows Google to associate the visit to our pages with your account. We would like to point out that we, as the provider of the pages, are not aware of the content of the transmitted data or its use by Google+. Privacy policy:, Opt-Out:

Functions of the Instagram service are integrated in our online offer. These functions are provided by Instagram Inc, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA. If you are logged into your Instagram account you can link the contents of our pages to your Instagram profile by clicking the Instagram button. This allows Instagram to associate the visit to our pages with your user account. We would like to point out that, as the provider of these pages, we are not aware of the content of the data transmitted or how Instagram uses it. Privacy Policy:

Within our online offer we use the marketing functions (so-called “LinkedIn Insight Tag”) of the network LinkedIn. The provider is LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Every time you visit one of our pages that contains functions of LinkedIn, a connection to LinkedIn’s servers is established. LinkedIn is informed that you have visited our website with your IP address. With the help of the LinkedIn Insight Tag we can analyse the success of our campaigns within LinkedIn or determine target groups for them based on the interaction of the users with our online offer. If you are registered with LinkedIn, it is possible for LinkedIn to associate your interaction with our online service with your user account. Even if you click on the “Recommend-Button” of LinkedIn and are logged into your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn is able to assign your visit to our website to you and your user account. LinkedIn is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus offers a guarantee to comply with European data protection law ( Privacy Policy:, Opt-Out:

We use social plugins of the social network Pinterest, which is operated by Pinterest Inc. 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA (“Pinterest”). When you access a page that contains such a plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to Pinterest’s servers. The plugin transfers protocol data to Pinterest’s server in the USA. This log information may include your IP address, the address of the sites you visit, which may also include pinterest features, the type and settings of your browser, the date and time of your request, your use of Pinterest, and cookies. Privacy Policy:

Functions of the service or the Twitter platform (hereinafter referred to as “Twitter”) can be integrated within our online offer. Twitter is an offer of Twitter Inc, 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. The functions include the presentation of our contributions within Twitter within our online offer, the link to our profile on Twitter as well as the possibility to interact with the contributions and the functions of Twitter and to measure whether users reach our online offer via the advertisements we place on Twitter (so-called conversion measurement). Twitter is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus offers a guarantee to comply with European data protection law ( Privacy Policy:, Opt-Out:

Facebook Social Plugins
On the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e. interest in the analysis, optimisation and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) Social Plugins (“Plugins”) of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). The plugins can display interaction elements or content (e.g. videos, graphics or text contributions) and are identified by one of the Facebook logos (white “f” on blue tile, the terms “like”, “like” or a “thumbs up” sign) or are marked with the addition “Facebook Social Plugin”. The list and appearance of Facebook Social Plugins can be viewed here:
Facebook is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus offers a guarantee to comply with European data protection law (
When a user calls up a function of this online offer that contains such a plugin, his device establishes a direct connection to the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin is transmitted by Facebook directly to the user’s device and integrated into the online offer. The processed data can be used to create user profiles. We therefore have no influence on the amount of data Facebook collects with the help of this plugin and therefore inform users according to our level of knowledge.
By integrating the plugins, Facebook receives information that a user has called up the corresponding page of the online offer. If the user is logged in to Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to his Facebook account. When users interact with the plugins, such as pressing the Like button or posting a comment, the information is sent directly from your device to Facebook and stored there. If a user is not a member of Facebook, it is still possible for Facebook to obtain and store their IP address. According to Facebook, only an anonymized IP address is stored in Germany.
The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook, as well as the relevant rights and setting options for the protection of users’ privacy, can be found in Facebook’s data protection information:
If a user is a Facebook member and does not want Facebook to collect data about him via this online offer and link it to his membership data stored on Facebook, he must log out of Facebook before using our online offer and delete his cookies. Further settings and objections to the use of data for advertising purposes are possible within the Facebook profile settings: or via the US page or the EU page The settings are platform-independent, i.e. they are applied to all devices, such as desktop computers or mobile devices.

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