Egli EH9-C "by Sara"

Project "The youngsters are taking over"

The Story

In 2019 Eglimotorcycles in Switzerland started an apprentice project where our junior mechanics get the chance to restore and customize Egli bikes that we either have already in our showroom/stock or that we buy back from our customers, when they are for sale.

We call it „The youngsters are taking over“

And we ask the question how an Egli should look like to appeal to the young generation.
Our apprentices have the task, not only to bring their ideas into the particular project but also to realize them at reasonable cost.

About the apprenticeship program

The motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship in Switzerland takes 4 years. The training is a combination of practical work in a company/workshop and vocational school. The practical part is more or less a 80% job, followed by 1 day in school per week. Most apprentices come directly from school of different levels. Some choose the 2nd educational path.
We at Egli take on an apprentice every 2 years, whereby we alternately try to give a young woman and a young man a chance. So we mostly have a mixed team of apprentices.
The training program is mandatory but the guidelines can be integrated into individual projects, like the one presented.

About Sara

Sara is actually a qualified cook with a flair for mechanical things – especially motorcycles. This is why she decided to take the 2nd educational path to realize her dream profession. Thanks to her completed training as a cook, she was able to jump straight into the 2nd year of her apprenticeship with us. Now she is in the 3rd year and will finish next year.

Kind of Job

It was a customization job with the aim to keep the bike street legal according to the Swiss /EC regulations for Classic Bikes but also carry out the assigned task.

History of the bike

This particular bike was built in 1982 and was delivered in August 1982 as so called „Kit 3“ to a customer in Switzerland. Who mounted an original Honda CB 900cc stock engine himself. Many customers at this time bought Egli frame kits, this is why ever Egli is somehow individual.
The Kit 3 for this Honda included: a nickel plated rigid backbone Egli frame with a cantilever swingarm, engine mounting plates, the original
Egli Racing Fork, Lockheed brakes, Campagnolo wheels, a polyester tank, polyester tail with a single seat. It didn’t include the engine.
The bike had a 2nd owner in early 1990 who exchanged it for an Egli V-Max some years later. The EH9-C remained in the Egli showroom since then.

Bodywork & New Parts

All bodywork was made in house.
The tail and seat comes from the Egli EVTT 500 Classic Racer and was adapted to this project. The racer’s tail is open, for this bike, we closed it to place the battery and the seat got a little more cushion for better comfort. The seat cover is made of imitation leather.
The fuel tank is Egli aluminium. The adaption to this particular bike was a team effort together with one of our welders.
The new parts are:
  • JW Speaker Headlights
  • Motogadget Speedo
  • Rizoma (all in one turn, back and brake lights)
  • Original Kawasaki control switches from the 80’s
  • The tail extension is new. It was necessary to keep the mandatory distance for the license plate.

Engine & Exhaust

The engine is still stock and works perfectly. It was serviced during the project but not restored. It was just prepared to present the bike at the road traffic office for registration.The exhaust is original Egli Schuele.

The Bike in brief

Egli Honda EH9-C „by Sara“
  • year of manufacture: 1982
  • Honda stock engine
  • 4 cylinder
  • 900cc capacity
  • 103.4 HP @ 7700 rpm
  • Egli chassis and Egli Racing Fork
  • Egli Schuele Exhaust 4-2-1
  • Campagnolo wheels
  • Full floating Brembo brake disc ø300mm
  • Lockheed calipers
  • JW Speaker headlight
  • Motogadget speedo
  • Original Kawasaki control switches from the 80’s
  • Special Egli Aluminium Fuel Tank
  • Total weight with all liquids and refueled:  197 kg (434.3 lbs