Egli Vincent EV 67 D - The Story of a Racing Bike

Sometime in late 1969, an Egli Vincent 1000cc was built up in Fritz W. Egli’s former workshop in Oberwil/AG. The customer was Swiss racing driver Max „Beatle“ Thoma who at the time was racing the Swiss Motorcycle Championship on a Triumph.
The Egli Vincent with the frame n° EV67 D and the engine n° EV 19 AS resp. F10AB/1/9047 had to be ready for the start of the season in 1970.
Documents in the Egli archive confirm that Max Thoma was at the start of the Hill Climb in Oulon/Villars in April 1970, racing the Egli Vincent in category nat. 550cc+. Whether this was the first race of the season is not known.

These were the years in which Egli factory drivers like Florian Bürki (Egli Vincent), future Egli factory driver Philipp Schreyer (Laverda) and racing Egli customers Fernand Quiblier, Kurt Schwammberger, both Egli Vincent or Werner Weber on Egli Triumph delivered exciting battles both on the mountain and on the circuit.

Werner Weber, who switched from Egli Triumph to Egli Vincent in 1972, took over the EV 67 D from Max Thoma to compete in further races in the Swiss Championship.

In 1973, however, the Egli Vincent fell into a „Sleeping Beauty’s sleep“ in Weber’s garage, from which it was to be awaken 31 years later. With much love and passion EV 67 D was restored by Werner Weber and his son. In May 2004 it was kicked for the first time again. In the following years the Egli Vincent was shown at different Classic Bike Events and also got some laps on a racetrack here and there.

In autumn 2019 Weber visited the Egli workshop in Bettwil and had Fritz W. Egli check the authenticity of the motorcycle. Subsequently the Egli Vincent EV 67 D could be bought back by Alexander Frei and is now exposed in the Egli showroom in Bettwil. A circle has been closed, but the story of this racing bike will continue.

Photos: Collection W. Weber & Eglimotorcycles