100 Years Brough Superior  - 100 Anniversary Bikes 


George Brough was determined to produce the most impressive motorcycles in the world. In calling his company Brough Superior he made his intention clear from the start.
The SS100, introduced in 1924, is generally considered the world’s first super bike. It was the fastest, classiest motorcycle on the road. At this time sporting vehicles might reach 70 mph, the SS100 with its guaranteed speed of at least 100 mph left them standing.
To impress on the public just how fast his motorcycles could go George and his team of daredevil racers broke one record after another. Bert Le Vack took the world’s fastest title for the second time in 1929, going over 129 mph. George himself had hit over 130 mph the year before but had been denied the record because his machine had seized on the return run.
To stay ahead of the field George had to be inventive. For example, with engineer Harold ‘Oily’ Karslake he developed a home-grown version of the Harley-Davidson benchmark girder fork, which was marketed under the name Castle. This helped set new standards for superior handling and performance.
George’s aesthetic sense of design was equal to his firm’s engineering prowess. His motorcycles were glamorous, the height of jazz age chic. They all sported that elegant saddle tank.
He was an equally innovative PR man. George’s instinctive understanding of how to promote his motorcycles to the full helped fuel the public’s perception of Brough’s ‘superiority’. George’s fast, beautiful bikes were loved by famous people of the day, notably of course T.E.Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia.
George Brough was a larger than life all-rounder, a superb innovator, designer, PR professional and showman. Today he would be a celebrity!