Bad weather on the Isle of Man or Egli and the English Rain
Only shortly before departure for this year’s IOM Classic TT, the Egli EVTT 500 Racer built in Bettwil was completed and run in on the in-house test bench. There was no time left for extensive 1:1 tests on a race track.
Nevertheless, we went to the island full of confidence, as several test days were scheduled on the Jurby Airfield – time enough for Horst Saiger and the team to carry out final checks and set-ups on the bike. Unfortunately everything turned out differently….. Already on Saturday the 1st official practice session on the Mountain Course had to be stopped after a short time due to fog on the mountain. During the test in Jurby a technical problem occurred on the motorcycle, which could be solved by the team the next day, but when the bike was ready, the weather did not play along any more. The remaining training possibilities in Jurby, as well as the official qualifyings on the track were cancelled due to the weather conditions.
“Without a final test in Jurby we did not want Horst Saiger to go out for the Mountain Course, which is why it was decided on Thursday not to participate in this year’s race of the Senior Classic 500 TT. We look forward to returning next year. Until then we will use the time to further improve details and present the bike to a wider audience:”
In the race of the Superbikes, the following Monday, Horst Saiger drove on his Kawasaki with the starting number 1 onto the outstanding 2nd place – Congratulations!
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