The event, organized by Eglimotorcycles was held in the premises of Whitestone Motorcycles in Bellach/SO – the first official dealer of the brand for the north western part of Switzerland and the Romandie.
Despite the veritable snowstorm and corresponding road conditions, a handful of guests and media representatives were able to join us for this event.
It was a great pleasure to welcome Mark Upham, owner of the brand and Attila Scheiber, owner of the Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum Timmelsjoch. The two men came all the way from Austria to bring the original Brough Superior SS 100 year 1939 owned by George Brough himself as well as a Brough Superior SS 80 year 1938 especially for the show.
Brough Superior Motorcycles SA was represented by Albert Castaigne, Executive Director, who had the new Pendine sand racer in the back of his van.
Thank you all for your support – let the photos speak…..