The team’s preparation for the last weekend took place quietly and without any murmurs. Until Monday, it was not clear if our two Egli VincenTT 500 Racer would be ready for the road race at Terlicko.
Terlicko – what in fact was planned as a possible test ride in preparation for the IOM Classic TT, successfully ended with a 1st place in the 125 – 750 ccm Classic Race.
Terlicko – for goodness’ sake – where is it and why does one drives almost 750 miles for 2 x 20 minutes practice/qualifying and a 6 lap race…..
Terlicko is a small town in the east of the Czech Republic, close to the borders of Poland and Slovakia. The international road race was held for the first time in 1967, the same year, the first Egli Vincent EV 1 was built in Fritz Egli’s workshop in Switzerland. However today modern bikes are competing for the „ Golden Miner’s Lamp“.
If our rider, Horst Saiger, would not have targeted to win this Golden Miner’s Lamp for the 6th time, we would not have set the wheels on the road to drive 750 miles east…..
We congratulate Horst Saiger to:
3 times pole position, 3 times winner, a new lap record and the win of the 6th Golden Miner’s Lamp including an entry in the annals of the race’s history!
Enjoy some impressions….

Photographs: © all rights reserved