After a couple of sleepless nights, it’s finally done – the new EGLI „Fritz W.“ is on the road!
On March 31th 2017, after more than 30 years, we were able again to present a new motorcycle that was fully developed at the Egli Motorcycles Workshop in Bettwil, Switzerland
Our Special thanks goes to:
The workshop team – 3D Buerli, Schenkon – Creasat, Seengen – Doerrer Galvanik, Zuerich – Kobe Carrosserie, Gunzwil – Paint-Styling, Dallenwil – Polymechanik Müller, Leimbach
You all shared sleepless nights with flexibility and goodwill during the last weeks of finalisation.
But we also like to thank all, who helped in any way to make this project happen.