At this year’s IOM Classic TT 500 the aim for the Egli team was, to see the EGLI VincenTT 500 Racer on the starting grid. Using the motorcycle from last year, Horst Saiger was able to complete more than one full race distance during all practice sessions without any major problem. Only one session had to be cancelled this year due to fog in the mountains. Weather was perfect on Saturday’s race day and Horst was able to finish the Classic 500 in a brilliant 10th place overall and 4th in GP1 category. Therefore he was given a „Silver Replica“ (means within 5% of the winners performance).
With a lap time of 21:50.9 minutes and a average speed of 103.6 mph it was also the fastest lap ever for a Vincent on the TT Mountain Course.
The last years bike was revised completely over the winter in our workshop in Bettwil. We were able to fix the major deficiencies and make the bike reliable.

For the test days at the Jurby Airfield, we also brought a 2nd, built from scratch EGLI with a Vincent engine. The chassis for this motorcycle is produced „in house“ in Switzerland at Egli Motorradtechnik AG in Bettwil. The 500cc Vincent engine, built in France, will be completely reworked in our workshop as well. At Jurby, we primarily wanted to compare the handling characteristics of the two motorcycles. The new built up EGLI will be at the IOM next year.

All members of the Egli team are very happy about this year’s success at the IOM Classic TT and we all thank Horst Saiger and the mechanics Jan & Juerg for their efforts.